What is COP26 summit? And what does it stand for?

cop26 summit

Environmental concerns emerge only when humans need something, right? This simply makes it difficult for people to understand why we actually have to depend on environment. Nevertheless, people and countries around the world bring this matter in front of them, once in a year and call it ‘Conference of Parties’, or simply abbreviated to COP.

Conference of Parties takes place once a year where all the members (countries) who have signed the Paris Agreement gather to discuss and share their thoughts on global warming and saving environment. The Paris agreement is a collection of 192 countries coming together in reducing global warming. It solely focus on reducing the usage of fossil fuels. Their main aim is to reduce the global temperature up to 2 degree (3.6 Fahrenheit) by the end of this century. Which is pretty difficult but possible if people around the world comes together. The agreement has set an aspirational agreement to reduce the temperature by almost 1.5 degree by the above set time frame, which is possible because of advocacy of small Island nations.

COP26 means there was 25 other summits conducted in past. The UNFCCC was formed in 1992, and almost 154 countries gave up their name that time. COP was formed in 1994 and came in effect. Later it was first conducted in 1995 and till date, every single year it has been conducted regularly. The COP26 is going to be a good turn-over as many countries are bringing up 20,000 delegates and almost 120 heads of state of various countries. President Joe Biden will be there in the cabinet members meeting and his best climate adviser will be there too will be there, Gina McCarthy and John Kerry.

The environmental talks have to be taken seriously because the world is depleting all the fossil fuel. Alternatives have to be brought in to all this and the world has to understand the seriousness about global warming now. The COP26 is going to bring some hope to clear up all the pollution around the world. Countries will bring up their ideas to patiently solve this problem and give their duty towards the environment.

The prime ministers and president of different countries are taking part in this summit. The summit is happening in Glasgo, UK. Modi and other top contries are part of this. It is important so that developed nations can take the reponsibility of emission of carbon gases and reduce the dependecy on coal for the production of electricity.


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