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In the newest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we’ve watched Sunita is looking for Varun, she is attempting proper right here and there alternatively doesn’t uncover Varun. She thinks that Varun is upstairs and step up the steps alternatively she sleeps and falls at the floor. Merely then Sia and Varun involves her and alternatives her up, Sunita’s once more obtained hurt and Sia and Varun take her to the Sofa. Merely then Nima calls Sia to tell her that she is all on her way residing. Sunita gesture to Sia to not tell Nima one thing and make some excuse wherein she modifies her plan. Get additional information on Nima Denzongpa’s written change.

Nima Denzongpa Written Update 23rd March 2022 Episode: Virat To Marry Nima?

Sia tells Nima that she is at her place of job and Sunita went for a shuttle along with her associates. Nima then says that she goes to return next time and informs the very similar to Virat. Krish then asks Virat to stops the auto in front of a Saree retailer, Virat from while you get keen on Sarees. Krish gestures that it’s for Nima and now not for him. Krish and Virat compel Nima to buy some branded stuff for herself. They even take them to Salon for a makeover.

Nima Denzongpa Latest Written Replace 23rd March

Nima comes once more and Krish and Virat are amazed to peer Nima’s new avatar. Virat says he wasn’t mindful that Nima used to be so lovable. Virat then drops Nima at residing along with Krish. Nima is unaware that Pushpa and Gulshan have transform associates. Gulshan even tells Pushpa that his son in recent years obtained married of her private variety. Pushpa moreover shared that his son-in-law did the an identical. Pushpa leaves and is ready to take a seat in her automotive when she sees Krish. Pushpa thinks she will have to be Gulshan’s daughter in regulation and grandson.

Pushpa is going after them alternatively they don’t stop even then alternatively Pushpa sees Nima. Pushpa leaves and Nima enters the house, Mona along with Priyal and Gulshan and Nima enters. Mona is going to check who’s on the door and doesn’t recognize Nima. Merely the Krish comes and hugs Nima, Mona gets extremely surprised seeing Nima attempting drop-dead stunning.

Priyal and Gulshan rush there and they’re moreover stunned to peer Nima. Priyal fumes seeing Nima and her buying luggage. Virat throws Holi Get in combination and makes a decision to announce Nima and his marriage. Song in to Colors Tv at nine PM and watch the entire episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more info and updates.


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