Tyre Sampson Death Video Reddit Exposed -14 Year Old Teen Died At Orlando Icon Park –


14 years out of date younger boy Tyre Sampson who died after falling from the Orlando Freefall at ICON Park in Orlando, Florida movement footage were captured which shows the second one he fell from the adventure.

A graphic video additionally captured an ICON adventure employee telling a lady that there were no seat belts at the adventure. The video is greater than a four-minute video that shows Sampson falling from the adventure.

Moreover, the movies were considered higher than 1 million on Twitter in a while. Because of its graphic nature, Heavy gained’t be embedding the whole, unedited video.

You may also watch it utterly however be forewarned that it’s extraordinarily tense and graphic. It first of all shows utterly other other people at the adventure quicker than it takes to the air.

“430 toes. You’re coming down 75 miles according to hour,” a employee tells them. A girl asked the employee why the harness didn’t have a clicking seat belt.

“Seat belt? There ain’t any,” he responds. After further banter forwards and backwards, the adventure began. You don’t see Sampson all through the primary a part of the video.

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