Roblox Chipotle Event: How to get Halloween burrito giveaway?

roblox chiptole event

Chipotle is a big chain of Mexican restaurant company. The restaurant chain came with a great idea for grabbing the attention of the gamers. The restaurant plans on opening up the first virtual Roblox storefront, where gamers can find exclusive offers for them in an immersive maze of sorts. Chipotle will be taking their annual Boorito Halloween event and giving it a digital makeover. In the coming festive season, it planned up to offer great rewards and giveaways to the gamers on the occasion of Halloween. The Roblox gaming community are excited for this new concept and virtual game items on the event.

What is Roblox Chipotle Event?

So you want to dress up for Halloween? Well, keep in mind that this year’s theme is Roblox. So if your costume involves a virtual reality mask and gloves with special sensors on them (virtual) then head over to any Chipotle location around the country because they’re giving away free “boorito”, a play on words combining “bowl” from their signature rice bowl menu mixed together with robitos which means small bits or pieces to anyone who dresses themselves.

Any Roblox player can participate in this event and share their exciting ideas too.

Halloween Burrito giveaway

Chipotle will be giving away one million free burritos and offering discounted access to the new virtual Halloween world. If you’re not a fan of ghouls or ghosts, don’t worry! You can still get your spooky fix with 50% off all monsters this October. This is great event for the lovers of the Roblox gamers. The initiative is unique and will help the company to gain attention from the gaming community in world.

Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt announced that Roblox’s popularity has boomed over the past year, and they know their fans will be excited to celebrate another evolution in Boorito.

Roblox users can get this exciting giveaway of a free burrito by directly visiting to The player will have to go to the virtual restaurant for an offer code before entering in-game! They can also try out new Chipotles themed costumes which are trending in Roblox community including Burrito Mummy ,Chip Bag Ghost, masks, etc.

The analysts think that it a good strategy for boosting up the sales of the company. It will increase yearly revenue. Second quarter earnings indicate that it is responsible for nearly 50% of all sales, with over 10% coming from just one month.


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