Quentin Tarantino Nft auctions for 7 pulp fiction collection

pulp fiction

Quentin Tarantino is the famous American director who in the headlines for new unleashed NFTs. The director of Pulp Fiction announced Tuesday he will auction off seven non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The starting price would be announced in the auctions. He revealed nothing of the collection. But said that these non-fungible tokens will provide never before seen content only accessible to buyers. Already the news made hype in the market. The fans want to some hints and ideas of the new collection from Quentin Tarantino. We already seen people interested boosted in NFTs in 2021.

Quentin Tarantino Nft collection

Quentin Tarantino, the king of online auctions and one-of-a kind memorabilia is auctioning off seven never before seen scenes from “Pulp Fiction”. The sale includes some amazing items like an original script. As per the reports, these are the special collections of the NFt and fans are already taking interest into it. The demand for the NFTs of Tarantino increased this year because of the hype and upcoming pulp fiction collection. This will make any movie fan salivate at how special they are to own such rare collectibles.

How can get the NFT?

The fans can get the NFTs from the auction. Everyone who want to buy or invest into collection need to partcipate in the auction and register themselves online.

The Pulp Fiction scene of the NFT will be uncut, but each individual piece contains a secret.

A new trend in the art world is to create tokens that can be programmed with custom identities and attributes, creating DNA-like data on blockchain. This allows collectors of these types of collectibles to track their ownership through an encrypted timestamp system for each token’s existence within its ecosystem often providing them insight into where they came from or who owned it previously.

Seven pulp fiction collection

Notable people from both business and entertainment have released NFT collections in 2021. Actresses Lindsay Lohan, Mark Cuban, Rob Gronkowski and many others. They have all dropped an entire year’s worth of merchandise on the blockchain this past few months. The craze of non-fungible tokers are increasing in fans. Also artists are now selling their unique work online using these NFTs.

The world’s media is exploring the potential of blockchain to create new uses for art. The technology has been used in different kinds of art work and products, but now it seems like artists might be able use Secret Network as an opportunity too.


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