Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Release date, characters and new guide

poppy playtime release date

Poppy playtime is one of the most played android games by the youth. This game is an absolute diversion without glitches that explores us through terrific characters like Halloween and horror sets with the perfect background score.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

This game is designed in such a way that it elevates the vibes of horror scenes and spine chilling while playing. Poppy playtime is a fun game and it costs around 5 dollars only. We as a player are the protagonists in this game and the main antagonist is Huggy Wuggy. As an ex-employee, after 10 years you will get a letter from the toys factory, and you are chased by the alive toys mainly especially by Huggy Wuggy.Some sort of obstacles will distract from your way and you shouldn’t be caught throughout the game. Your task is to solve the given puzzles and move towards the directions where you feel safe in the game. When you clear Huggy Wuggy with grab pack from your way you will enter the final room and a doll in the box will appear.

Poppy Playtime release date

When you finally open the box, the doll which is poppy says “you opened my case”. This dialogue will be the sign for the end of the game. As the poppy playtime chapter 1 was loved by the players. Poppy playtime gamers are really excited for the official announcement of poppy playtime chapter – 2.

According to some sources, poppy may launch this year on October 22 or next year. This time gamers are expecting more from chapter- 2 with new features and updates in set designs with a twist in the characters followed by a past story.

Poppy Playtime Characters

Poppy fans are creating theories about chapter 2 that Huggy Wuggy, poppy, and candy cat may act like monsters. If this scenario happens then the real thrill starts in the game so that we can guess about the final task of the game that includes obstacles, and adventures.

As poppy playtime chapter -1 was successful. Developers are working on chapter- 2 to meet the expectations of gamers as well as surprise them with new tasks and features. Poppy gamers are eagerly waiting to pre-register the chapter-2 once they get the official announcement. We hope that poppy playtime chapter-2 will be far better than the previous version and satisfy the gamers. So be alert about the news and updates about the official announcement.


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