Our Team

Calla Cyrus

Calla got into Crypto while completing her Masters degree and hasn't looked back since, writing about anything crypto-related which makes her sit up and pay attention. She is an art lover.

Barkha Jain

Barkha Jain is founder of TechVerbal. She is a techy nerd who loves to write about technology, new gadgets and crypto. She loves to travel and watch movies in her free time.

Valentina Smith
Senior Editor

Valentina holds a journalism degree from Moscow State University and started her career as an art critic covering the film industry and urban architecture.

James Paul
Content Manager

James is passionate about learning languages, cultures and the Internet. He has years of experience working at international online advertising projects. Growing interested in technology since 2017.

Estelia Perry
Content Analyst
Estelia is a financial analyst who has been covering the finance industry since 2018. Prior to her career in journalism, Estelia was a security analyst  and a copywriter at AS Technology.