Nvidia GeForce now supports Cloud Gaming for RTX 3080 GPUs

nvidia geforce

The new users of the Nvidia are getting the support of the cloud gaming from company. This is the new technology feature announced for the new users using RTX 3080 GPUs. Now, the cloud will support streaming at 120fps and 1440p. The plan and services are costly initially for the new users. Nvidia may cut down the prices in the coming months.

Nvidia has just launched the new RTX 3080 membership for GeForce Now and it’s looking like a game changer.

Nvidia cloud gaming announcement

Nvidia announced that its cloud gaming service, previously restricted to high-end PC gamers with deep pockets or those living outside major cities due lack of Internet access at home will be available on more affordable laptops as well. This means you can now play titles from huge libraries without downloading any software onto your computer all while sitting in front an HDTV if preferred. In addition there are tons prizes up for grabs including discounts off 31 popular games so make sure sign up today before these deals disappear forever.

The players and gaming guys are excited after this latest announcements and deals. This will give a boost to the Nvidia in the cloud computing gaming.

Nvidia’s new SuperPod system can house dozens of RTX 3080 graphics cards and provide increased performance for customers with an subscription.

Support features for RTX 3080 GPUs

The latest addition comes just weeks after reports released by the company. The are working closely w/ OpenGL ES 3, improving compatibility between desktop apps & cell phones trying to download them onto their processing power. This new cloud streaming feature will be available for the users using the new RTX 080 GPUs. With the help of it, the players can stream the game directly at 1440p and 120fps without any obstacles.

In addition to blurring the lines between gaming and streaming, Nvidia is also working on a technology that will sync up GeForce Now’s frame rates with your display so you can enjoy smoother gameplay.

Nvidia offer is only open to those who have already signed up as a member on their site or through Nvidia platform prior this year with wider availability.

This new deal by Nvidia allows our most loyal customers first dibs at getting an early taste of what’s coming soon from RT Code without having wait any longer- it starts now. You don’t want miss out so hurry over here.

Nvidia is opening new data centers in Russia and South America. In addition to these locations, they are also investing heavily into expansion plans that will bring their network coverage around the world by adding sites in countries such as Saudi Arabia Australia Japan Southeast Asia among others.

In the coming years, Nvidia will deploy servers in different countries to provide the cloud gaming support to the gamers in the world. With the new feature, you can now get a better match between your gameplay and display refresh rates for smoother visuals.

The players can grab this cloud streaming feature by paying extra amount to the Nvidia.


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