Mila Kunis’s Stoner Cats Nft project: Where to watch?

stoner cats nft

This is the of the Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) where the artists and entertainers are sticking to new projects to sell their work. Mila Kunis latest NFT project of Stoner Cats is the latest example of it. Mila Kunis is an actor with many projects under her belt. She’s made millions of dollars by selling NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” which are tied to the show Stoner Cats. Orchard Farm Productions (Mila owned this studio) produced the which only allow holders access to new upcoming seasons of the series. Those who are holding can easily watch the Mila Kunis show. Stoner Cats nfts are being bought by many of her fans.

Stoner Cats Nft project

Ms. Stoner is an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease who lives her last days in a house full of mischievous cats. When the fishbowl incident occurs, things take an interesting turn as all ten feline friends start using this new found power: talking back to each other through telepathy. The show is already getting the fans reaction and buzz. Those who aspired to watch the Mila Kunis new animated series already bought the NFT’s of the Stoner cats. But where to watch the show?

Where to watch Mila Kunis show?

It’s hard to believe that a show about cats can be so exciting, but it surely is. The “Stoner Cats” website shows clips of Ms. Stoner and her Persian kitty family in their natural habitat which gives viewers some perspective on what will happen when they come into contact with humans for this upcoming series. However only NFT holders have access at present time as each card sold out within minutes after going up for grabs at 0 ETH per piece (over $800). That may not sound like much by today’s standards ,but back then people were taking full advantage! Over 10 000 units had been picked up before lunchtime including one lucky.

Crypto fans are buying NFTs from Stoner Cat to get a piece of the Mila Kunis action. The secondary price tags prove that these collectibles will be more valuable in future, and creators get 2% on every sale following their original design.

The fans are excited for this first NFT series of Mila Kunis to watch. The Dune Analytics research team has determined that the Stoner Cats project saw nearly 800k in ETH spent during their 35 minutes worth of madness. This is really a success period of NFT projects.


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