Lazio Fan Token Contract Address: Binance New Football club coin

lazio fan token

Lazio Fan Token is the latest Binance coin which is making entry into the crypto markets. What is Lazio Fan token? Lazio is going to luanch on October 22 in partnership with the Binance chain. It will offer amazing support and facility to the Italian football club. The holders of the coin will be able to perform different activities like voting, buying on the football club. In an official statement, Lazio president announced the partnership with Italian football club on the Binance Smart chain. It is a governance token which give holders benefit to vote and gain exclusive rewards. The token is going to officially launch on October 21. Check more Lazio Fan token price and how to buy process?

Lazio Fan Token football club coin

Lazio Fan token is a new digital currency which will work on ERC-20 utility. The total amout of supply of the token 1017001696035. The coin is in new discussion of the people of Nigeria. The currency expected to perform good because it is being supported by the Binance. It is hard to conclude the price of the new currency. The investors are putting money in the coin. The current sale price of the coin is 1 Lazio = 1 USD.

How to buy the coin?

Those who want to buy the coin can directly check the price and tokenomics on the Binanace chain. The token is set to start at the initial price of dollar one on the exchanges. The analysts expect that price of token could reach to $10. Create an account on Binance and verify the identity. Then select the trading pair and buy the coin directly on platform. The symbol of the token is LAZIO. It runs on the ERC-20 chain. To buy the coin, just search for the symbol and make the payment on Binance.

Lazio Fan Token Contract Address

The token is implemented on the ERC-20 smart chain. The contract address of the coin is “0x8e8eb2115ca26fe82d1b1717b416f77ef21ccdde”. One can search for the coin on chain using the address. The token is a buzz among the football fans. The is a new concept and coin for the football lovers. The token will be launched on the 22nd on Binance Launchpad. The price will boost up after the launch binance chain pad. It will get more invetors and funds into the coin. Many Binance holders participated into the coin giveaaway and airdrops. The price will be updated soon after the launch.


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