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When provide procedure something as permanent as plastic surgery, it’s at all times a good idea to have a clear idea of what you wish to have to appear to be. Many people download this through bringing pictures of celebrities with them to their consultations, which is helping the surgeon upper understand they wish to appear to be.

Among all procedures, rhinoplasty, a surgical process that changes the form of the nose, is among the maximum sought-after.

Example of rhinoplasty surgical process | Healthline

In a video through YouTube channel Nadoc, plastic surgeon Han Sang Chul picked the high 3 idols whom male victims use as reference for their rhinoplasty surgical process.

At the moment, when shoppers are available for consultations, maximum of them lift pictures of the nose shapes they wish to download by way of surgical process. And other folks pictures are continuously of positive male idols.

— Han Sang Chul

Plastic surgeon Han Sang Chul

After so much anticipation, he named WEi‘s Kim Yohan, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, and BTS‘s V!

I’ve observed quite a lot of those idols. They normally are… Kim Yohan, Cha Eunwoo, and V.

— Han Sang Chul

Kim Yohan | @y_haa.n/Instagram

Cha Eunwoo


The 3 well known singers had been praised for having the trendiest noses of the 12 months on account of in their nice form.

Those idols have, what we take into consideration, the ‘trendiest noses’ for the 12 months 2022. Their noses are very final in form. Those 3 idols have totally shaped noses, which help highlight their faces and lead them to glance nice general.

— Han Sang Chul

On the other hand what exactly makes their noses so nice? According to Han Sang Chul, it’s simply as a result of how directly they’re. Then and now, people have at all times been interested in a directly form.

Those idol noses have something in common. From the doorway and from the side, the nose is directly in form. Male shoppers have at all times most popular, and however continue to wish, that directly nose form.

— Han Sang Chul

Han Sang Chul went on to elucidate {that a} 115-120 degree attitude from the forehead to the high part of the nose is probably the most final. Unsurprisingly, it is a standard trait that the 3 men percentage.

So, the perspective from the forehead connecting to the nose is, preferably, between a 115-120 degree attitude. That’s continuously considered final for male faces. And all 3 of the idols mentioned have that forehead-nose attitude.

— Han Sang Chul

Seeing how handsome they’re, it’s no marvel many people lift their pictures to plastic surgery consultations!

| @y_haa.n/Instagram


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