GTA Trilogy: Rockstar reveals new footage, price and release date

gta trilogy

The game enthusiasts are waiting for the the Grand Theft Auto remastered version. The company Rockstar made some amazing announcements for the GTA fans. The GTA Trilogy has been announced and revealed. The new footages and clips on the YouTube can be seen in which the game re-loaded with new tasks, characters and missions. The company also hinted on the price of the version of Grand Theft Auto. Previously, the game versions were massive success in the market. It almost captured the whole gaming market with this game. The developers are excited to bring it soon for the gamers.

GTA Trilogy: 3D Game

The company and developers worked hard on the game this time. They made some big changes into the concept. GTA Trilogy will be in 3D mode. The players can enjoy 3D game on their devices either on PC, Playstation and Xbox. It was into rumors from weeks of its 3D concept. The trilogy will consist: GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. The game has millions of players in worldwide. The trilogy will be a superhit for the GTA lovers. The company will soon release this version to all the platforms in the coming weeks.

What is the price and platform?

The players can play this new GTA version on all the platforms. The price of the game will be $60. Rockstar announced the same price for different platforms. It won’t charge any extra amount. Maybe player extra buys in-game things.

The developers announced that this game will hit to the markets after 20 days. GTA already created much hype in the fans with its new versions and characters. You can also watch the short glimpse or teaser of the game in the released footage on YouTube. It shows some new characters and themes in 3D look.

Where to watch the GTA Trilogy footage?

You know what they say, “There’s no such thing as bad news in the world of video games.” And that includes three absolutely enormous titles for less than $60- well when we talk about 17 and 20 year old releases here – which is only six weeks away from announcing preorders with!

In the video, you can see the three versions of the GTA game which launched in the recent years. The developers are ready to release this new version in coming time. Till then the hype for it will increase when popular streamers get the early access to it.


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