Does MAMAMOO’s Solar Play “Hard To Get” In Relationships? Here’s What She Says –


With the style new unlock of her track “Honey,” MAMAMOO‘s Sun turns right into a Queen Bee. Nevertheless, her track has a double this means that that is going so much deeper than merely honey!

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Queen bees accept honey from the honey bees and owe them not anything in go back.

Because the queen, Sun accepts their honey, then again gained’t give her like to anyone!

While they invent me all of the honey, then again I gained’t give my coronary center to any of them!

— Sun

She says she’s “simply having a laugh and taking part in her lifestyles,” giving off a fab, boss lady vibe.

Showterview host Jessi is conscious about exactly what Sun’s regarding…or so she thinks! Perhaps Sun’s a playgirl, or any individual who enjoys the only lifestyles and “performs the sphere.”

Sun delicate it, extra exactly regarding it as “enjoying laborious to get…”

…then again that’s in reality now not her in exact lifestyles!

While most often artists write lyrics about their own stories, they’re going to moreover let their imagination run wild and tell any stories they want.

If I used to be so in exact lifestyles, I wouldn’t do that number of songs!

— Sun

That’s what makes song so excellent!

Check out extra from Sun’s time on Showterview with Jessi underneath.


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