BTS Jimin’s Biggest Insecurity Is One Of ARMY’s Favorite Things About Him –


Even any person as flawless as BTS‘s Jimin however has his private insecurities!

All through BTS’s ‘DECO KIT’ photoshoot, he gave the impression previous pretty in his striped blouse and blonde hair.

Nonetheless, he had his private set of opinions for himself when tracking his footage.

I do glance a bit of puffy…

— Jimin

Jimin has complained about his puffy face all over photoshoots and song video shoots, once unfortunately claiming a video was once “ruined” on account of of it.

Even the BTS participants have attempted to ease Jimin’s worries. All through FESTA 2021, Jin awarded Jimin the “You’re Now not Puffy” award with probably the most heartwarming explanation.

You stay pronouncing you’re puffy, alternatively you’re now not so stop pressuring yourself.

— Jin

| BTS FESTA 2021

Nonetheless, ARMYs have a singular technique. If Jimin turns out showing off his natural and puffy face, it’s praised for being totally adorable…

…and has even earned him some pretty nicknames, like “Mochi!”

Even the BTS participants themselves uncover it endearing each and every time Jimin seems reasonably further squishy.

Jimin may well be insecure about his puffiness, alternatively to everyone else, it makes him even cuter!


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