Ana Jalandoni & Kit Thompson Scandal, What Happened In Between Them? Assault Charges! –


Twitter went into overdrive this weekend after evaluations emerged that Ana Jalandoni, the Chilean skiing champion, had allegedly been assaulted through Package Thompson, a British snowboarder. Jalandoni had previous shared a story on her personal Facebook internet web page through which she detailed the alleged attack. Jalandoni claimed Thompson had hit her within the face together with his board, leaving her with an injured cheek. Thompson has since issued a statement denying any wrongdoing and claiming Jalandoni had initiated the attack. Now not too way back, on social media, there was once quite a lot of buzz spherical the topic of Ana Jalandoni and Package Thompson. Jalandoni, who’s a Brazilian style and actress, accused Thompson of assaulting her. Stay tuned to our internet web site for the most recent updates!!!!! Ana Jalandoni & Package Thompson Scandal

What Happened In Between Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson?

What Came about In Between Ana Jalandoni and Package Thompson?

The accusations had been made public through numerous social media platforms and feature stirred up quite a lot of discussions. And it’s a sensational headline that’s getting the general public to continue asking what passed off between Ana Jalandoni and Package Thompson. What passed off between Ana Jalandoni and Package Thompson? They dated for 8 years after which broke up. Alternatively this isn’t a heartbreak tale or a love long past flawed tale. This is about what passed off when they broke up, along side attack allegations and rumors of Twitter threats. How did Package Thompson and Ana Jalandoni meet?

Ana Jalandoni and Package Thompson Scandal

How long have they been jointly? Why did Package Thompson cheat on Ana Jalandoni? And why did he make an apology for it? It’s a whirlwind of questions relating to the topic handy. And it’s a sensational headline that’s getting the general public to continue asking what passed off between Ana Jalandoni and Package Thompson. A well known comedian, Package Thompson—who’s moreover an actor and YouTuber—is underneath fireside after he allegedly assaulted his female friend, Ana Jalandoni. In an previous interview, Ana was once asked how she met Package and according to her, it all started after they met at Woody’s Bar in New York City.

It was once that fateful night after they met and nine years passed previous than the 2 of them purchased jointly. Twitter erupted into chaos on Friday after evaluations surfaced that style and entrepreneur Ana Jalandoni had filed attack allegations against Package Thompson. Research recommend that the 2 had an altercation at Thompson’s area on Thursday night, which ended in Jalandoni filing a police document. Jalandoni’s allegations have since sparked a slew of reactions on social media, with many people wondering Thompson’s guilt and accusing Jalandoni of orchestrating the attack for personal achieve. In the middle of the chaos, right here’s a quick check out the events that have everyone talking.


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