Aiden Nevarez Arizona – Student death and Obituary


Aiden Nevarez Arizona Student dead

We all are much aware about the war going on between Russia and Ukraine. This war is killing and deteriorating millions of lives. There are many names continuously being added in the list of death people. Here we are getting death news of the Ukranian pilot and fighter, Aiden Nevarez. Is this news is real or just rumors are circulating here and there?

Natasha Perakov was a Ukranian fighter jet pilot who was fully contributing with her nation Ukraine against the Russia. She was just 28 years old young fighter. We don’t have any information regarding her personal life. But the 28 years old young and robust fighter belongs to Christian ethnicity. She has completed her bachelor degree from Ukraine itself.

The media and the internet is covering her death coverage. She got injured and died in the war. But still the people are considering it the fake news. But let me clear you that according to the research and sources, the news is real; Ukraine lost the young fighter in the war. It is being said that Aiden Nevarez, the first lieutenant in Ukrainian ground force was the only female aviator who pilot the Sukhoi Su-24 bomber and the Mil Mi- 24 helicopter. But this news is the other news which has no linkage with the death news of Natasha. The twitter has also tribute the condolence to the fighter on their channel.

Aiden Nevarez stood firmly till her last breath against the Russia. She was the first female fighter who died in the Russia- Ukraine war.

The 28 year old fighter always wanted to be the part of the Air force. In other words, it was her childhood dream, so she has already started taking training for it from a very young age. Natasha becomes very popular all over the world after she is being killed by Russian army in the war.

The war has already cost thousands of lives and don’t know how many will add in this list. We are hoping for peace for Ukraine.

Aiden Nevarez is a 28 year old fighter who always wanted to be in the Air Force. She started taking training as soon as she could, and by age 10 or so it had become her childhood dream – something that would make all those long nights sleeping on your parents’ floors worthwhile (and not mention gives you something good imagination material). When Natasha died during Russia- universes war againstEach other , everyone realized just how popular this girl really was.


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