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According to courtroom docket government, Dan Tefănescu, a 55-year-old member of the Iacării Acrobati staff, was once flying a personal stunt airplane that crashed in a self-discipline as regards to the airfield.

According to the original record, the pilot was once acting acrobatics, the aircraft was once a training flight, and the engine had failed. Only the pilot was once aboard the airplane when it crashed, according to ISU Prahova.

According to opinions, the 55-year-old pilot has died.

Dan Stefanescu

Dan Stefanescu

Coincidence Aviatic Pilot Dan Stefanescu Useless

This afternoon, an acrobatic airplane crashed in a self-discipline as regards to Strejnic in Prahova County.

Dan Tefănescu, the pilot who died, was once a very professional pilot with loads of hours within the cockpit. On its Facebook internet web page, ProAviaţia showed the ideas.

The 55-year-old pilot died instantly as a result of the extraordinarily extremely efficient hit.

Dan, a pilot, and his teenager every participated in flying acrobatics.

The tale of Iacarii Acrobați began in 2006 at an aviation accumulating held at Mihail Kogalniceanu – Constanta Airport, a few months after the purchase of 2 Yak-52 planes from Aerostar Bacau, according to

They’ve endured to fly and diversify their potency since then, incorporating aerobatics and just right flight.

Replace on Dan Stefanescu’s Airplane Crash

Dan Tefănescu, a member of the Iacării Acrobati staff, was once the pilot who perished when the airplane crashed in Strejnicu on Saturday, according to judicial officials.

A 55-year-old guy piloted a personal stunt airplane that crashed in a self-discipline as regards to the airstrip.

According to the Prahova Emergency Stipulations Inspectorate, which was once mentioned through Agerpres, there could also be at the present no data at the pilot’s scenario.

A fire engine, a free up truck, and two SMURD ambulances were referred to as to the distance, along with a mobile in depth care unit.

According to IPJ Prahova, a prosecutor from the Ploiesti Court docket of Attraction’s Prosecutor’s Administrative center is constant the investigation on this topic, along with law enforcement officials from the County Shipping Police Provider, to inspect the reasons and scenarios of the airplane crash.

The pilot has perished, according to

Dan Stefanescu Bio/Wiki

He’s a member of the Iacării Acrobati organisation, according to courtroom docket officials.

Dan Tefănescu was once a member of the right kind flank of the “Acrobatic Jackets.” He gathered over 16,000 lively flight hours as a Pilot Commander and Flight Trainer at the Boeing 737 aircraft. Clutch of Game in Motor Flight at Fixed Degree


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